We dream of becoming leading global company
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B2Biz Co., Ltd is a food packaging machinery specialized manufacturer and supplier.
We, B2Biz Co., Ltd, are growing as a company that can be trusted since its establishment in 2003, based on honesty, trust and responsibility.
We always supply the best quality machinery to the worldwide market and we think it is our duty.
We achieve customer satisfaction through manufacture the best quality food packaging machinery.
We have a unique and methodical system that can cope well at the fast-changing global marketplace.
Also we do our best with our skilled engineers and marketing managers for cooperative companies growth.
We can promise to offer the best value for our client companies through high quality product production, competitive pricing and a guarantee to meet customer requirements.
We appreciate your continuous interest and support.

Thank You.


Our Service

We pursue mutual growth with customer company through the best business partnership. Because we should create the most value with them through fair and ethical supply.

  1. We manufacture the best quality products only.
  2. We deal with the best and competitive prices.
  3. We provide high quality products only.
  4. We offer fresh business ideas.


Products Files

if you have any question or inquiry about the product, you can download product catalogs files below.


Business Field

B2Biz Co., Ltd is aiming at mutual growth with customer company through providing fresh idea products manufacture and high quality services.

main business field

  • Production of high quality food packaging machine.
  • Supply of food packing accessories.
  • Product distribution and export.

products and service category

  • Food Packaging machine
  • Vacuum Packer
  • Food Tray Sealer
  • Kitchen Article


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How to Reach Us?

Head Office

  • A-2004, 22, Neuti-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,
    Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 82 (0)2 3462 1228
  • Fax : 82 (0)504 394 9317
  • Mobile : 82 (0)10 5372 9317
  • E-mail :